Accounts Payable Services

  • Bill Payment
  • Budgeting (Manage and coordinate vendor payments according to budget and projections)
  • All recurring bills will be set up on an automatic schedule when possible. Provisions will also be made for bill payments outside of the ordinary scheduled payments. This will ensure timely and appropriate payment of all bills. (Properly allocated – Project specific, job costing and overhead)
  • Process progress and retention subcontractor billings along with monitoring contract and commitments and subcontract change orders

Accounts Receivable Services

  • Sales Journals
  • Invoicing
  • Tracking and Collections (Maintain and efficient collection process to include an organized tracing system, issuance of demand letters, monitor returned checks, perform collection calls, and prepare bad debt write offs.
  • Coordinate and execute monthly invoicing of your customer charges including compiling and verifying all evidence and documentation to support charges
  • Provide aging reports and follow up on payments due
  • Handle disputes and Chargeback Requests
  • Maintain oversight of clients’ finances to ensure proper internal control and receipt of all income due to client and mitigate any detrimental reduction to these funds.
  • Posting of payments received.

Payroll and HR Services

  • Handle all payroll functions including quarterly and annual payroll tax reports (Certified Payroll and union fringe benefit reporting)

Account and Bank Reconciliation Including Client Trust

  • Provide cash balance reports. Research and resolve transaction variances and issues and reallocate appropriately.

Other Bookkeeping and Management Services

  • Sales and Transient Accommodations Tax Preparation
  • Financial Statement Preparation, Comparison, and Analysis (Budget, Cash Flow, Projections, Balance Sheets, Income Statements)
  • Other Misc. Reporting and Record-Keeping (Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly basis) Required by law and/or customized for client. Various Form 1099 Filings / Preparation

Other Bookkeeping and Management Services

  • Ensure compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws
  • Long-term and strategic planning
  • Insurance Procurement Services
  • Loan Procurement Services
  • Other Miscellaneous Clerical Services (Reference and Credit Checks)
  • Record Retention Services and Maintain Vendor Files in order to Support Financial Records and ensure integrity